The Equity Network brings together community organizations, advocates for social and economic justice, public health, philanthropy, and other stakeholders to ensure our region is made up of healthy, thriving communities affordable to all and well connected to regional opportunities.

The Equity Network was formed in 2011 as a core element of the Growing Transit Communities Partnership focused on equitable development along the region’s major transit corridors.  Within the Growing Transit Communities Partnership, the role of the Network has been to: 1) Ensure an equity framework is used in all aspects of the program; 2) Ensure low-income communities and communities of color have a real voice in decision-making; and 3) Promote policies that support equitable outcomes and meaningful community engagement.

Principes of Equitable Development

Since July 2011, the Network regularly convened over 40 organizations in our region focused on equitable development, distributed $450,000 to 40 community-based organizations (51 grants) to facilitate their participation and increase local capacity, influenced the Growing Transit Communities strategy, and deepened the discussion around equity in this regional planning process.

This work has been supported by a Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Puget Sound Regional Council.  A short extension of this federal grant wraps up May 2014.  Network partners are refining a policy agenda and a structure for ongoing regional collaboration to create communities of opportunity and support community leadership.

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