How to Get Involved

Interested in participating more in the Summit but unsure about how? Here are some options for ways to go beyond attendance…

Organize community members to participate in the Summit. Eventbrite - Puget Sound Equity Summit We are asking folks to register by Fri 10/25 to ensure we can accommodate childcare and interpretation needs. Getting more of your community involved is a great way to spark new conversations and ensure more voices are heard on these important issues!
Participate in the Marketplace on Friday night! We envision the Marketplace as a place to facilitate networking, meet and interact with others from our region engaged in equity work and to exchange ideas or promote campaigns. You can host a table to feature posters or displays on issues of equity you have worked on–perhaps multi-issue projects or other programs that can stand alone to serve as a conversation starter. Check out our previous post for more information!
We are also currently recruiting community organizations to participate in the breakout sessions on Saturday, as presenters and moderators. Contact Heidi Hall for more information (206-658-2619,

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