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As you know, the Puget Sound Equity Summit is drawing near, with only one month to go until the event on Nov 8-9 at the Highline Community College! We have some exciting plans for the Summit, and are hoping to include your amazing work in some of the different Summit happenings.

One piece of the puzzle for the Summit is the informal “Marketplace” which takes place on Friday evening Nov 8 from 5:00pm-6:30pm. (The opening program officially begins at 6:30pm). We envision the Marketplace as a place to facilitate networking, meet and interact with others from our region engaged in equity work and to exchange ideas or promote campaigns.

We’re hoping many of you will participate in the Marketplace by hosting a table to feature posters or displays on issues of equity you have worked on, perhaps multi-issue projects or other programs that can stand alone to serve as a conversation starter.

You can set up at 4:30pm on Friday. You do have to take down displays Friday night because the room will be in use the next day- however, any posters you have can remain on the walls on Saturday.

This is a great chance to promote your work and make much needed and important connections!  For grantees, you may use part of your funds to prepare any materials you might want for the Marketplace. If there are other costs (printing, etc) that you cannot cover, please contact Aileen (information below) and we can see if there are partners that can help mitigate costs. We can provide the tables and chairs.

Please consider participating in the Marketplace! Let me know if you’d like us to save you a space by Monday October 28. 

Contact Information:

Aileen Balahadia, consultant to the Equity Summit

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