Equity Network transition and next steps

Thank you to everyone that participated in the work sessions late spring.  Here is a summary report of the work sessions and next steps - REN Summary & Next Steps.  Your input and engagement has been critical to shaping these next steps, and we welcome your input, thoughts and ideas on these ideas.

As a result of transition discussions occurring in April and May of 2014 with over 50 community, advocacy, government and philanthropic representatives, and building on the input and feedback of over 400 community, government and philanthropic participants at the first ever Regional Equity Summit in November 2013, the Puget Sound Equity Network defined a bold end game and role for its future:

  • to change the face of prosperity in the Puget Sound region through racial equity in leadership, power and decision making;
  • to continue pursuing that vision regionally from multiple sectors, acting as a hub and convener of partners around a cross-regional/-issue effort with a common agenda;
  • to build on the progress made around the original focus on transit oriented communities;
  • to broaden the focus to include other issues raised during the 2013 Equity Summit like education, healthcare, and jobs;
  • to model its commitment of bringing the voice of those impacted to define and shape decisions and system change through its own structure and way of operating, as well as its work;
  • and to capitalize on the assets of communities and help connect and build relationships within and between Network members, communities and systems/institutions in mutual learning in order to create an equitable landscape.

REN Summary & Next Steps

Regional Equity Network Mission, Vision and Goals (Draft)

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